A Walk Through Guide To Becoming A FrogsThemes WordPress Affiliate Partner

WordPress Affiliate

This week we have welcomed our 500th affiliate into the FrogsThemes family, who will be earning 25% on every sale they refer to us. To celebrate this landmark, we are going back to basics to show you how easy it is to signup and become a FrogsThemes WordPress affiliate. In under 10 minutes you too can be making money by referring people to us.

Sign up to be a FrogsThemes WordPress Affiliate

Sign up is quick and straight forward, with approval automatically granted. You get setup immediately once registered.

Sign Up here to get started.

Your WordPress Affiliate Dashboard

Once you are signed up you’ll be redirected to your WordPress affiliate dashboard. There won’t be much going on here to start with because you’ve just signed up but once you’ve started earning and some time has past, your dashboard with be your first port of call.

Affiliate Dashboard

Your affiliate dashboard will show you some quick stats from the last 7 days so you can see how your campaigns are performing. You’ll also see messages from your designated WordPress affiliate manager who will notify you of new themes that you can promote plus other important news.

Select Your Affiliate Offer

Before you can start anything, you need to select the WordPress affiliate offer we have available to you. At the moment there is only one so this part is really simple.

Simply navigate to Offers > My Offers in the left column and then click on the ‘FrogsThemes.com Affiliate Program‘ offer.

My Affiliate Offers

Create Your Affiliate Link

This is where you obtain your WordPress affiliate link that you will use to promote FrogsThemes and earn affiliate commission with.

The first section shows your tracking link. This can be customised to be shorter and include an impression pixel with the options on the right. We link to leave these unticked for simplicity but you’re free to select them to fit your preferences.

The next step allows you to customise the affiliate link. To keep this simple you can skip this step and just use the tracking link at the top.

If you need to deep link to a particular page on our website, such as a theme page you are promoting, click on Add Website, enter the page URL in the field that appears below, click on the + icon and the tracking link above will change to reflect that addition. Now when people click that link, they will be linked through to that page on our website.

Tracking Link

Now you have a tracking link – brilliant! You can use that to link up text links, image links or simply use it to directly refer customers to FrogsThemes.

Performance Reports

Once you start referring sales, you’ll be able to track the performance and see how your campaign is going. Navigate to Reports > Performance Reports in the left column to see your stats.

Performance Report

Your Account

Make sure to review your account details on a regular basis to keep them up to date. Navigate to My Account > Account Details to do this.

Your Account

Billing Details

Same applies to your billing details. Make sure you supply your PayPal email address or else there maybe a delay on your affiliate payment.


Affiliate Messages

Make sure to check your dashboard regularly too for affiliate messages.

Affiliate Messages

You’re ready to earn!

Now you’re signed up, you can start earning affiliate commission from every sale you refer. If you have any questions regarding becoming an affiliate please drop us an enquiry and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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