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5 Best Plugins For Embedding Videos In WordPress

23rd Jul Video Embedding

Advantages of embedding videos

You don’t necessarily have to be a full-time video blogger, or Vlogger if you like, to be embedding videos in to your WordPress site on a regular basis. Videos are a great tool to enhance a post, demonstrate a key point, or just make a visual statement. But don’t be put off by the perceived complexity of adding …

How WordPress photobloggers can improve their SEO

22nd Jul Photography SEO

Search engines love text. Images, on the other hand, they can’t deal with. For that reason WordPress photobloggers might find themselves a little perplexed as to how they can optimise their blog for search engine ranking. However, there are methods that can help to promote your blog for search engines and ensure your fantastic work is opened up to as big …

5 Individual touches to make a unique WordPress website

21st Jul Unique WordPress

Creating a unique WordPress website is a challenge. Whatever the topic of your blog or the market that your product or service is supplying, chances are it will be a competitive field. Your site has to stand out from the crowd and offer something different. Furthermore, with all the effort you are putting in you don’t want your site to look like somebody else’s or just something off the shelf; …

Create a website for plumbers in under 5 minutes with Plumbers Pro

20th Jul Websites For Plumbers

We’re frequently asked how easy it is to setup and manage a website with WordPress and one of our WordPress themes so we thought we’d show you by setting the timer to 5 minutes and giving ourselves the challenge of creating a website for plumbers using our specialist WordPress theme Plumbers Pro within that time. Here is how we got on… start the timer!

Top 5 Calendar Plugins For WordPress Websites 2014

18th Jul WordPress Calendar Plugins For 2014

There are many calendar plugins available for WordPress that share the same features and perform equally well, but don’t necessarily stand out. Here, we have produced a list of calendar plugins that have unique or more specific features which complement a variety of WordPress themes and add real value to your site.

Beginner’s Guide to the WordPress Dashboard

17th Jul WordPress Dashboard

The WordPress Dashboard will become the epicentre of your world as you build your website or blog. It can look complex but you will use some features once, some never and the key ones you will soon become familiar with.

Proposed changes for WordPress 4.0

16th Jul wordpress-4.0

The target release date for WordPress 4.0 is just around the corner, and if you can’t wait for August 27th then you can read about the key ones below.

A New Responsive WordPress Theme For Florists Coming Soon

15th Jul Websites For Florists

We’ve been busy preparing the third WordPress theme in our new series of WordPress themes that we’re launching over the next few months. The first, Removals Pro launched first and was the first in our ‘Trade’ based series of premium WordPress themes. The second was Plumbers Pro, a WordPress theme for plumbers and today we’re excited to show you a …

5 benefits of choosing a premium WordPress theme

14th Jul Tablet View

Like any product we use, the consumer can decide what value it has and how much they want to pay for it. There are well over a thousand free WordPress themes available, so why a budding blogger or start-up business should pay for a premium theme is a reasonable question. The general rule of thumb in life is that you get what you pay for, and that applies with theme …

Top 5 time-wasting problems with WordPress and how to avoid them

11th Jul Time Wasting

Every WordPress user knows the satisfaction of seeing their website looking resplendent and ready to receive hits, but they also know the hard work behind reaching that point. The process of designing and implementing the website you want can be a painful and unrewarding slog, and much of that is due to problems with wasted time spent getting nowhere.

5 best plugins for avoiding CAPTCHA frustration

10th Jul Captcha Alternatives

One of the biggest obstacles to increasing the conversion rates on many WordPress websites is the frustration felt by users when they encounter captcha forms. These can prevent a purchase or a download or even just a useful comment, but sometimes more importantly, they leave a bad impression for the user.

How to make your WordPress website mobile friendly

9th Jul Mobile WordPress

Mobile based website traffic has sky rocketed in the last couple of years with smartphones, tablets and phablets coming an integral part of our everyday lives. Having a mobile optimized website is now considered an essential part of any successful website, but what are your options if the website you have isn’t mobile ready? Well, here are a list of options …

8 ways to market your WordPress blog to get a bigger audience

8th Jul Blog Marketing

Even if your site is primarily a blog or a blog within a more multi-functional website, creating a blog is a proven, effective way of generating traffic to your website and bringing awareness to your products or services. In this post we explore ways to market your WordPress blog so your content is seen.

1. Identify a goal

A goal is not just …

Plumbers Pro: A new WordPress theme for plumbing and heating companies just launched!

7th Jul Plumbers Pro

Today we have launched a brand new WordPress theme aimed specifically at plumbing and heating companies called Plumbers Pro. It’s the second of our new series of trade-based WordPress themes that we’re focusing our attention on over the next few months.

25% OFF Our WordPress Themes Club In Our 4th July Flash Sale – This Weekend Only!

4th Jul 4th-july

To celebrate 4th July Independence Day with our American friends, we’re giving 25% off our WordPress themes club for this weekend only! Normally $99 for an annual subscription, you can sign up today for just $74.25 – Amazing!

5 Quick Tips On Choosing A WordPress Theme

4th Jul WordPress Themes

Choosing a WordPress theme is likely to be the most important decision you make when building your website. Plugins to improve functionality can be added and removed with ease, but your theme determines the future direction of your site and also creates that vital first impression. Your decision needs to be considered and correct.

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