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20 Premium WordPress Themes for $67


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Top Premium WordPress Themes 2015

4th May responsive_themes

The top premium WordPress themes of 2015 are very powerful and will help you expand your business.  All have an easy setup and installation process.  Enable your business to control your website and update content on the fly.  No need to work through a web developer – all WordPress themes can be managed through your own admin area.  Update and push new pages, images, blog posts, pricing live in one …

14 Of The Best Testing Tools To Improve WordPress Website Usability

20th Apr

No matter how much time and efforts you have invested in creating your website, ultimately it is the website’s visitors who will decide its usability (i.e. how useful your site is or what it lacks). In fact, usability plays a vital role in creating a successful website. Not to mention, the more usable your website will be, the more satisfying experience it will provide to your users.

Collecting feedback from experts …

10 WordPress Plugins That Will Make Your Images Pop

15th Apr images-pop-featured

Images play a huge role in content production, especially if you’re looking to create highly shareable and engaging posts. It’s important to find media that goes well with the subject matter, yet also offers a story of its own. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Sometimes, however, images can get lost in the deluge of imagery on the web. That is, …

10 Ways to Keep Blogging When You’re Out of Ideas

17th Feb keep-blogging-out-of-ideas

One of the most challenging aspects of keeping a blog is keeping it up to date, especially if you are writing for your business. It’s not easy to keep your blog up to date, but if you can manage it, you will be that much further ahead of your competitors.

A well-written blog underpins the financial viability of many businesses and serves …

Top 10 Starter Plugins for WordPress

5th Feb starter-plugins-featured

Since its inception in 2003, WordPress has become virtually synonymous with the Internet. The free, open-source CMS platform allows users across the globe to create and publish professional-grade websites, all without ever entering a coding editor.

As of 2012, one in every six websites on the Internet were powered by WordPress, and those hosted through its cloud-based Web services attracted …

A New Responsive Theme for Restaurants Coming Soon

3rd Feb restaurant_pro_theme

WordPress Theme for Restaurants
We’ve been busy preparing the fifth WordPress theme in our new series of WordPress themes that we’ve been launching.. The first, Removals Pro launched first and was the first in our ‘Trade’ based series of premium WordPress themes. The next three were Plumbers Pro , Florists …

Introducing Accounting Pro Responsive WordPress Theme

22nd Jan accounting-pro-home

Accounting Pro is a responsive WordPress theme for Accountants and Accounting Firms. Accounting Pro is a turn-key website template that can be installed in 1-click. It comes packed with features to manage your website and is fully responsive so it looks great on any device.


WordPress Web Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2015

22nd Jan trends

There are no ironclad rules with WordPress. Arguably the most popular content management system around, WordPress keeps taking giant leaps from one wave of web technology to the other – all the while, staying true to the basic structure of user-friendliness.

Now, the leaps taken by WordPress are either to adapt itself to the ever changing trends, or to set some new trends of their own. WordPress webmasters across the planet …

Why Your Business Needs a Blog and How to Get Started

29th Dec

If you’re not blogging your way to conversions, you’re missing out. A good business blog is a gateway to many opportunities. Your blog will be seen by three entities: the people who care about your brand, the people who stumble upon the helpful content you’re sure to post, and the search engines.

All three of these entities are vital to the growth of your business. The people who already care about …

Black Friday Giveaways – 50% Off

26th Nov Black Friday coupon code

Here at FrogsThemes we are getting into the holiday spirit in dramatic fashion this year by offering a 50% off Black Friday coupon code. Valid until Tuesday December 2nd, the code will get you 50% off your order.
FrogsThemes Black Friday Coupon Code
To get an additional 50% off your order, simply use the FrogsThemes coupon code ‘blackfri2014′ at checkout. Browse through the website find …

Driving School Pro: A new WordPress theme for driving schools just launched!

3rd Nov

Today we have launched a brand new WordPress theme aimed specifically at driving schools and instructors called Driving School Pro. It’s the fourth theme in our new series of trade-based WordPress themes that we’re focusing our attention on over the next few months.

A New Responsive WordPress Theme For Driving Schools Coming Soon

14th Oct Driving School WordPress Theme

WordPress theme for driving schools

We’ve been busy preparing the fourth WordPress theme in our new series of WordPress themes that we’re launching over the next few months. The first, Removals Pro launched first and was the first in our ‘Trade’ based series of premium WordPress themes. The next two were …

Half Price WordPress Themes Club Membership

10th Oct half-price-club

Recently we ran a short term deal to offer 50% off the first years membership to our WordPress themes club, and due to it’s resounding success, we’ve decided to reintroduce the same offer on a semi-permanent basis – amazing!

Join the club for just $49 →
Every theme, PSDs, unlimited support!

10 best WordPress survey plugins 2014

7th Oct WordPress Poll Plugin

Everybody has an opinion and most people are more than ready and willing to share it. That is why adding a survey feature to your WordPress site is a simple and easy way to enhance it by adding a whole new dimension. There are several great WordPress survey plugins available to achieve this, but first of all, you might need …

10 Best WordPress Facebook plugins in 2014

24th Sep WordPress Facebook plugins

Anyone who has any involvement in online promotion will have a Facebook profile. Hence the opportunity to combine your Facebook feed with your WordPress website offers a huge amount of potential for sharing posts and receiving comments and ‘likes’ with and from a much bigger audience.
Why do I need WordPress Facebook plugins?
Quite simply because there are nearly 1.2 billion people worldwide using …

The 10 best sites for sourcing free images for WordPress 2014

18th Sep Free Images for WordPress

Everybody knows that a single image can most often tell a story better than twenty paragraphs of your finest writing. The brain computes visual images much faster than it does text, and this is particularly important online.

The design of your website is absolutely crucial, and this goes beyond just having a great WordPress theme. The visual impact that …

A complete guide to creating a WordPress Multisite installation

16th Sep wordpress-multisite

A WordPress multisite installation allows users to create a number of sites from one main WordPress site. This uses only one set of WordPress core files, but these can power many different sites. While WordPress multisite has many advantages, however, it isn’t for everyone.
Why choose a WordPress multisite installation?
The main features of WordPress multisite are:

The same WordPress themes, plugins and database …

How to install WordPress locally on a PC

14th Sep wordpress-locally-pc

The best creations require planning and quite often the process involves many discarded ideas and arrivals back at square one. In order to create we need an area in which to practice, run wild with an idea and just experiment in safety.
Why should I install WordPress locally on a PC?
Every WordPress user likes to test and experiment and therefore the decision to …

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20 Premium WordPress Themes for $67