Social Sharing WordPress Plugins

The presence and availability of a host of WordPress plugins will at times make it a bit challenging to find the best social share WordPress plugin. Social sharing WordPress plugins provide user-driven traffic making them an important element in your site or blog. In this article, we take a look at some of the best and top listed social sharing WordPress plugins to work with.

WP social

Users on your site can now browse images and posts using the inbuilt arrow buttons support provided by his social sharing WordPress plugin. It also brings the ultimate social sharing experience with the latest scripts available for advanced facebook integration. Support is provided for the Disqus comments system with a hashbang solution for distinctive images for the image comments.

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Social gallery

The Lightbox WordPress plugin is a good fit for beginner an expert developers and features a strong compatibility with popular plugins such as NextGen gallery, essential grid, and justified image grid. It gives your customers an interactive sharing experience enabling the sharing of galleries on major social media platforms.

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Create multiple campaigns in minutes with this WordPress plugin which allow an easy management of list within the WordPress panel. An autoresponder module allows the sending of automatic replies and follows ups on various topics and questions from your users. The plugin is fully responsive and features mobile-optimized template for the best mobile experience.

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Social locker

Have you been wondering how to take advantage of your massive user base to grow both your sit and social media profile faster? Well, this is the plugin for you. It comes loaded with multiple features that allow users to access discounts or finish reading a particular article by sharing or tweeting about it. This will help lock most of the important content on your site and tasks it with improving your generals site and social performance.

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Social Buzz

Add a share-graph to every post or page on your site with sleek share buttons. Improve your share rate with ease with the easy to style social panel with support for multiple device sizes. The plugin is easy to install and configure and has been built on a clean and optimized code base.


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This is an all in one WordPress theme that combines the power of social share, social locker, social fan counter and social subscriber/follow. This wide range works to speed your website as you do not have to install multiple plugins. It provides you with an easy way to set up drag and drop page builder. It comes with an inbuilt analytics module to track and enable analysis of every click on your site.


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Share this image

Image sharing has never been this easy.  With this WordPress plugin opens up numerous opportunity for growth especially through social media by providing a customizable sharing modules for over 11 n social media network. These include twitter, Facebook, linked in, Pinterest among others. You get a powerful admin panel with an all settings on one page.

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Access social pro provides the ultimate power to easily share web content on various social media channels. You can share posts, pages, images, and videos with a social counter to encourage more to join your network. The floating sidebar comes with a hidden show/hide options menu for both counter and shares icons. The plugin also features additional options to enable and disable various pop-ups on your posts and pages. It provides full compatibility for WooCommerce and BuddyPress plugins.

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SM Auto poster

`Fully automate how content on your site gets to various social media channels using this WordPress plugin. The latest version comes with an option to add multiple twitter, facebook, linked in and Instagram channels You can auto-post simultaneously on various social sites or each as per the category. The plugin also comes with full compatibility for popular plugins and can be used well with the Content crawler plugin and the Viral content builder for a full 360-degree auto marketing strategy.

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The latest version of this social media WordPress plugin comes with a host of new features. They include an open list submission, a playlist/gallery submission, gif reactions and a “like and vote” button for every list. It also features an easy to use front editor, and a seamless integration with various social media platforms. Each post is loaded with over 11 social media buttons and integrates Facebook comments to your WordPress comments further improving interaction on your site.

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Snax gives you the ability to place an interactive question for each post on your blog or website. An exclusive 2 choice option adds flare by asking users to gauge the effectiveness of the post. For example, you get to ask “Hot or not”, “Hate it or love it” etc questions. Various social media buttons are also available or a full sharing experience.

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Photo contest

You can create an impressive photography contest with this WordPress plugin which comes with 8 layers of fraud protection. The plugin has been well built with a clean code base to ensure its both fast and easy to use. Photo contest gives you ultimate control and flexibility for your contest by providing options to edit comments, allow display of media on various parts of your site. .

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