Options Framework rolling out soon!

Options Framework

If you’re a frogsthemes.com customer you’ll already know how great our next generation WordPress themes are. We know this because you keep telling us and we really appreciate your feedback. We have also listened to your suggestions for improvements and one thing that has been requested is a few more options when settings up your theme. We kept it simple at the start to make the setup super quick but more and more customers are starting to request a few more options to allow them to tweak and tailor the theme to their exact requirements. So, we listened, we collated all your feedback and we had a great pizza night to discuss what we can do.

The result – our new Options Framework!

For a start it looks great and it’s super easy to use (yes we tested it on our grandparents) but the biggest selling point is the abundance of features it has. For example, we started by added the option to add a background image or colour to your theme, then it advanced to the point where you can pick a background image, choose to repeat it, position and change it. This scenario has been duplicated on pretty much every option we added and this has resulted in an Options Framework that let’s our customers do pretty much everything! Well, we’re still to add the options to space travel and have x-ray vision but in terms of setting up your WordPress theme it’s packed with goodies.

Options Framework version 1.0.0

Options Framework

You can’t get your grubby hands on it just yet as we are testing it with our next Premium WordPress theme (coming soon) before we roll it out across our current themes. It will be a free upgrade for all our current theme customers.