Create a WordPress Petition with Petition Pro

WordPress Petition

WordPress is a truly versatile content management system and is used for so much more than just blogging. To prove this we have developed a selection of next generation WordPress themes that take WordPress to the next level. In this tutorial we show you how to create a WordPress petition with Petition Pro in under 5 minutes. You next to have purchased and downloaded Petition Pro and have WordPress installed and setup on your hosting.

Upload Petition Pro

We start off by navigating to Appearance > Themes, click ‘Add New’ next to the title and then select ‘Upload’. We browse to the theme ZIP on our machine and upload it.

Install Petition Pro

Then we activate it.

Petition Pro Installed

We’re then automatically taken to our famous 1-click theme installer. We’re setting up a new website on this occasion so we click ‘I’m installing this theme on a brand new website’ and then click on ‘Install this theme in 1-click’.

WordPress theme installer

20 seconds later the theme installer has setup our new WordPress petition website exactly the same as our live demo.

We stop the clock at this point as the theme is now installed and setup. Wow, that took just 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Petition Pro Feature Tour

Now Petition Pro is installed, we can create your petition, add some information and get this WordPress petition campaign started.

Add a WordPress Petition

Navigate to Petition Pro > Petition Add/Delete/Edit in your WordPress admin. Next, add a petition name and click ‘Add Petition’. You should have something along the lines of the screenshot below.

Add a Petition

Next, edit the petition and with your details.

Edit Petition

Create a Petition Page

The next thing to do is create the WordPress petition page. Create a new page, add a title and paste in the petition shortcode from the petition you just created. In this case our shortcode is [[petition-1]]. Save that page and move onto the next step.

Create the Petition Page

Setup the Theme Options

The next step is to link the petition you have just created with the homepage button. Navigate to Petition Pro > Theme Options > Petition Page and select the page you have just created. You should also add a petition page title and some content.

Petition Pro Theme Options

Hot Tip: If you have installed the theme with our 1-Click installer for new sites then all this will already be setup for you. You can browse of the pages and settings and change them to your details.

Petition Management

Managing your signatures is easy with Petition Pro. Navigate to Petition Pro > Petition Management and you will see the list of signatures. From here you can export to CSV, delete signatures or resend the confirmation emails for those that haven’t confirmed their email address.

If you have more than one petition running on the site, simply select the petition from the drop down in the top right.

Petition Management

Stop the clock

When using our 1-click installer this entire process shouldn’t take any long than 5 minutes. The website handles all your signatures for you so all you need to do is promote your petition and make your campaign a success.

We hope this tutorial guide was useful