Popular WordPress Articles – December 2015


Popular WordPress Articles

We love to stay up to date on all of the new WordPress tips and tricks.  Thought we could share a few of our recent favorites with you from late December 2015.


How To Create an Image Gallery in WordPress

WordPress makes it incredibly simple to add an image gallery anywhere on your site, but many site owners fail to take advantage of this powerful feature….
New Free Hookr Plugin Displays All Available Hooks Inside WordPress

Earlier this year, Hookr.io entered beta with a new UI and support for 800+ plugins and themes. The site…


Improve Your Editorial Workflow in Multi-Author WordPress Blogs

Publishing content on a multi-author blog is not easy, to say the least. First there is the website…


The Best JavaScript Based Plugins & Themes for WordPress

For the last few years WordPress has been moving towards a JS codebase, and plugins and themes are expected to follow suit in a big way during the next year….


How to Use HubSpot Analytics with Your WordPress Website

In the first post of our HubSpot-WordPress Integration Series, we explained three ways that integrating your website with HubSpot creates a powerful web marketing machine for your business…


10 Successful Free WordPress Plugins That Use the Add-on Model for Monetisation

If you are looking for inspiration for the pricing model of your next product, or you just want to know which plugins you can start using today with the option of upgrading the features a a later date, then this article is for you….