WordPress Themes

WordPress Themes are pre-made designs for WordPress — the worlds most popular website management system. Our handcrafted WordPress themes provide a turn-key solution if you want to give your website a professional makeover. If you already have a WordPress powered website then you may consider switching to one of WordPress templates we offer. We provide our customers with high-quality designs, simple yet powerful functionality and 1-click installation for all our WordPress themes hand coded for any kind of website. Striking and professional, WordPress templates from FrogsThemes.com are simple to customize and are guaranteed to give you a pleasant experience.

Choose a theme to your liking from our great collection of premium templates above and have a new website setup in no time. We provide all the help you need to get your new WordPress theme looking and working exactly how you want it. Our 1-click installer gets you setup with just a click of a button and our advanced theme options allow you to customise your WordPress theme. Additional purchase options allow you to hand over the reigns to FrogsThemes to handle the install, logo placement, plugin installs and advanced theme customizations.

After sales support if what makes FrogsThemes a true market leader and your next premium WordPress themes partner, and with over 38,000 happy customers to date we’re confident we’re the company for you.