WordPress 3.5 Video Training Series

December saw a new version of WordPress released to the world and together a chock-full of new features. With this update, code named “Elvin”, we’ve seen an important changes to much of the core WordPress functionality and user interface. Smashing Magazine has covered the important changes on their blog so we’ll reframe from rehashing the same information and point you in that direction if you want to see what WordPress 3.5 brings to the community.

To complement the new version of WordPress, we’ve updated our entire WordPress video training series to reflect these new changes. We recommend you take time out to view the new WordPress 3.5 Video Training Series so you’ll familiar with the new features and functionality, together with any changes to the user interface that may confuse you if you update.

This free update shows our commitment to our current customers and prospective customers, we hop you find them super useful!